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yAnimeitionz@mK_iMobile Suit GUNDAMj

yAnimeitionz@mK_iMobile Suit GUNDAMj

It is overly popular animation in Japan.


Mobile Suit GUNDAM


Audience rating for the first time broadcasting was not sluggish 9.1 percent average in the Nagoya area, and 5.3% in the Kanto district.


Lever into a variety has been attempted, but it was discontinued in the form of plans of all 52 story is shortened to 43 all talk audience rating and sales also can not catch up.


But popularity is rising as soon as the truncation was decided. It was scheduled to die AMRO the last round, but it was canceled from the upsurge of popularity. Also, for example, form a special feature some enthusiasm often anime magazine from the broadcast at that time, High School Student, reputation has increased gradually in the reviews about the women in particular. Enthusiasm unabated rebroadcast request petition signed by anime fans and is also performed after the end of this broadcast, re-broadcast, re-broadcast each stacked, this work began to penetrate to the general public. Average audience rating is also more than 10 percent, was recorded (29.1% highest viewing rate) 25.7% in the Nagoya area in the re-broadcast in 1982 in the re-broadcasting.


This work is legendary audience rating would go up each time you re-broadcasting.



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