Horyu-ji,Japanese temple,the world's oldest extant Saiin cathedral.,historic building

yHistorical buildingz Japanese temple Horyu-ji

yHistorical buildingz Japanese temple Horyu-ji

Horyuji Temple is a temple in Nara Prefecture Ikoma-gun Ikaruga.
Built in 607 years of the seventh century, Horyuji is a wooden building group of the world's oldest extant Saiin cathedral.
Also along with the Hokiji, Architectural Complex of Horyuji was registered UNESCO World Heritage Site in (cultural heritage) as a "Buddhist Monuments in the Horyuji Temple area" in 1993.


yHistorical buildingz Japanese temple Horyu-jiŠÖ˜Aƒy[ƒW

yHistorical buildingz
The Japanese temple which is called Shitenno-ji, was erected to Osaka in A.D. 593.

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