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No.2 Hakata valve course and udon soup

LINE@Stamp Popularity Now on sale yJapanese Hakata dialect "WOODO-N chan"z


yHakata valve term No.2z


Today's Hakata valve is a " Iitchon wakarann ".
This meaning is " I can not quite understand"

"Iitchon", often use the time to emphasize the negative. For example " Iitchon @sukan".
It means gI donft like at all.h


Try using all means!
The fun or by the (fun)

yNo.2 taste soup of udonz

Soup of Hakata udon is transparent and light soy.


Tokyo and northern Japan, is good deep soup.


Perhaps the difference in the soy sauce tastes great.


Soup of the original, is often what you get in the sea, such as kelp and dried bonito flakes and anchovies.


I think, because Hakata is blessed with sea food.

No.2 Hakata valve course and udon soup֘Ay[W

Hakata valve term No.1
Hakata is famous for its ramen! But noodles are not the only ramen. Udon also is the food of super delicious noodles. So, also originated in Udon want Hakata! Hakata born "Wood-N-chan" appeared in the Hakata valve! We will deliver a variety of information of Hakata noodles! ! In addition, line stamp of "Wood-N-chan" also appeared. In conversation of Hakata valve, more and more stamp with bicycle! Only ease in communication that mistake of the Kabai!

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