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【Old tale anime】Grateful Crane

【Old tale anime】Grateful Crane

It is the old tale told from ancient times to the Japanese child.


Grateful Crane(つるのおんがえし:鶴の恩返し)


Once upon a time, an old couple lived in a certain place.
Snowy day of a winter, He went out to sell firewood in the town, to find the one crane feather trapped. He thought the poor were doing escape from the trap crane. That night the snow basks violently, beautiful daughter came to the house of the couple.


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【Old tale anime】Naita Akaoni (Red demon cried)
Introducing many Old tale animes in Japan In a certain mountain, red demon of one person lived. I thought red ogre would like to make friends with humans much. Then, write the notice board, "It is out of demon kind of mind. Please come anyone. There is a delicious candy. And there is also boiled tea" and, had been erected in front of the house. However, did not come to play in red Oninoya doubt, not a single person is human beings. The rising frustration that the sorrow, red ogre does not give me a credit, very angry in all there, you've pulled out the notice board stood much trouble. And,,,

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