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Introduction of Japan-Culture-Station

Japanese culture,FUJI,infomation of Japan

"Japan-Culture-Station" tells people in the world various Japanese culture with an image.It offers a wide variety of food, music, theater, events, nature, hot springs, inn, animation, theater, cinema, state-of-the-art technology, craftsmanship, company, history and so on,.I'll be to tell the wonderful charm of Japan.
Please enjoy in Japan by all means! !


Topic of the video this week
【witty gadgets quiz】 No.1


Welcome to Japan 〜ようこそ日本〜


Japan is a very beautiful country.
It is not only delicious of beauty and the food of nature but also is the history in 2000, and healthy in the body.
Country that united nature with metropolis. It is Japan.
Isn't Japan that you think about old?
Cool country (Japan).
Please come to Japan to go sightseeing by all means.


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