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【udon Japanese Noodle  Udon chan】

LINE Stamp Popularity Now on sale 【Japanese Hakata dialect "Udon chan"】


【chain store of Hakata Udon No.16】

The most frequent of Udon chain stores in Fukuoka, is 44 stores in the "West".


The following is, in Makino Udon, the number of the store is 20 stores.


I think that it is small compared to the chain store of Sanuki udon, but there may be taste in the place where you are around the Hakata and Fukuoka.


Although I think hope I get to go to expand the shop in Japan and the whole world, it is the same as the Inaba Udon, to eat at the local Hakata Fukuoka then you also feel like the best part of eating. . .


Happy like, such as sad. .



Hakata Udon "Udon chan"


Hakata is famous for its ramen!


But noodles are not the only ramen.
Udon also is the food of super delicious noodles.


So, also originated in Udon want Hakata! Hakata born "Wood-N-chan" appeared in the Hakata valve!
We will deliver a variety of information of Hakata noodles! !


In addition, line stamp of "Wood-N-chan" also appeared.


In conversation of Hakata valve, more and more stamp with bicycle!
Only ease in communication that mistake of the Kabai!


I am Hakata born of Japan's Fukuoka Prefecture.


We will continue to tell you the information of delicious udon information and Hakata valve of Hakata from today.
Best regards! !

【udon Japanese Noodle  Udon chan】記事一覧

No.16 chain store of Hakata Udon

The most frequent of Udon chain stores in Fukuoka, is 44 stores in the "West".The following is, in Makino Udon, the number of the store is 20 stores.I...



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Today's Hakata valve, is "Shanakaroumon."This meaning is "it will inevitably happen.""How" it would be an interesting expression that translates to th...



No.14 Chinese characters of Udon?

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No.13 Hakata valve term

Today's Hakata valve, is "Yappa,dameto."This means that "still, what's useless? It is ".To-oThe last word "To" is, We can use to both assertive type a...



No.12 Calories of Udon

Calories of udon, how much such wonder whether.Udon is 270kal position per 100g.Since rice is position 180kal, It is a calorie of 1.5 times the positi...



No.11 Hakata valve term

Today's Hakata valve, it is "Tyotto Mattyari-."This means "Please wait a little."In other words, "Tyon Mattyaranne" or " Tyon Machinsyai."Please try u...



No.10 Tamori san explains the Hakata Udo...

Mr. Tamori san says, "Koshi is not related to Udon"Legend of the TV program, in the ""Waratte iitomo"", seems to have said, "Hakata Udon(noodles) is ...



No.9 Hakata valve term

Today's Hakata valve, "Dogenne! Oishikaro〜ga! ".This meaning is "What about, it would be delicious! ".Normally, when you hear whether delicious, "deli...



No.8 The oldest noodle shop"Udon&qu...

The oldest noodle shop "Udon shop" that is a long-established in the udon of the birthplace of Hakata, founded in in the Hakata-ku "Karono uron" is 18...



No.7 Hakata valve term

Today's Hakata valve, "Yosha Makashitoki! "This meaning is "Please leave OK"..In other words, the "Yokayo Makashitokanne! "Or" Yokayo Makashityari! "....



No.6 Delicious Udon shop at Hakata

Udon shop you want me by all means go is "Inaba Udon".It is really delicious.The reason for recommended, will want to eat fast and appetite increases ...



No.5 Hakata valve term

Today's Hakata valve is a "Kora~ Namba shiyottoka!"This is used in the sense to be aware of the people who are doing bad things.As a means, it is the ...



No.4 noodles udon

Feature of Hakata noodles is weak fluffy noodles Kosi.The reason for this, according to one estimate, Hakata because it is referred to as the city of ...



No.3 Hakata valve course and noodles udo...

【Hakata valve term No.3】Today's Hakata valve, was "Ogochisosama deshita "!In Japan, it is called a word of thanks when you have finished eating and be...



No.2 Hakata valve course and udon soup

Today's Hakata valve is a " Iitchon wakarann ".This meaning is " I can not quite understand" "Iitchon", often use the time to emphasize the negative. ...



No.1 Hakata valve term

Today's Hakata valve is a "yokayo ".This meaning is "a Good"In addition, it is to refer to love in Hakata valve "Chikappa-i yokayo" or "Baribari yoka...



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